We ship the highest quality North Atlantic lobster and seafood available anywhere in the world. Our New England lobsters are sourced from the waters of Cape Cod and Maine.

Welcome to the Lobsta Guy of Ocala!

Are you searching for the best and freshest North Atlantic Lobsters available on the market? Look no further!
We offer live lobsters sourced directly from New England, ensuring guaranteed freshness. Each item is caught fresh from the waters of Cape Cod and Maine, and it’s delivered straight to your door. Thanks to our exclusive contract with FedEx, we provide swift delivery for all orders. We are committed to providing the highest quality Maine lobsters, setting us apart from other suppliers. With more than 20 years of experience, we consistently deliver top-notch products with every lobster sold.

Our New England lobster source is the authority on premium seafood, headquartered in South Portland, Maine. They have mastered the art of meticulously hand-picking lobster meat, ensuring only the finest quality Maine lobsters reaches your plate. With our direct delivery system, they provide our customers with unparalleled access to the best Maine lobsters available on the market.

Our live lobster delivery service guarantees that fresh lobsters are delivered to your door the next day for orders placed before 1:30 PM, Monday through Thursday.

Our Testimonials

We connect our clients directly to our lobster supplier who is an industry leader in seafood. They deliver the highest quality North Atlantic lobster sourced from the waters of Cape Cod and Maine. Here’s what some of them had to say!
T. Thomas

I have ordered from The Lobsta Guy many times and every time I get fresh live New England lobsters!

Oscar Martinez

This is the Real Deal, love the pricing and great service that Jim always offer. I live in Ocala, Florida and I am very happy with The Lobsta Guy!

Carl Smith

Great Lobsters, Great Price! I live in a Complex called On Top Of The World in Ocala Florida and I can tell you that I’m a regular customer. My Lobsters are always delivered on Time and Super Fresh.

Latest Lobster News

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